SEO Packages

As a freelance SEO Consultant without large overheads to meet I can afford to offer much more affordable prices not to mention a hands on personal touch to your campaign.

Unfortunately there are lots of individuals and web design agencies who don’t fully understand SEO but want to get in on the action. They will then undercut true SEO’s who know that it’s a long, hard process that requires patience and results can never be guaranteed.  So even if you don’t choose my services my advice is to go with an SEO who doesn’t guarantee rankings, won’t tell you exactly how many links they will build each month and don’t offer to it all for £100 a month.

All SEO packages come with a monthly Report which details everything I have done for your campaign and how it is progressing.

There are no hidden charges or set up fees and you won’t be tied down to a contract.

All of my packages can be tailored to your individual needs and desires with services being added or altered to best suit each client.

There’s a world of customers out there so let them see your website and get in touch today!