Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an online marketing strategy designed to improve the strength of your site and its performance within search engines like Google. If your website is not attracting visitors then it is failing in its main function. SEO enables your website to not only receive more visitors but crucially if it’s done correctly then it will drive RELEVANT visitors to your website.

I provide a bespoke SEO service for businesses of all sizes. Here’s just a taste of what I will do for you:


The first step of any SEO campaign is to conduct keyword research in order to find the most relevant and achievable keywords to target in your campaign. This will drive the right kind of traffic to your website and provide the best return on your investment. Armed with a list of keywords you feel are most relevant to your company I will present you with an in depth report detailing the traffic volume and competition level of each keyword which will enable me to create a tailored strategy for you.

On-Page SEO

Once the keywords have been agreed the next step is to optimise the website and prepare it for a link earning campaign. This includes featuring keywords or relevant synonyms within the content of targeted pages, fixing technical issues, amending urls and improving the internal linking structure of the website.

Off-Page SEO

Once the website is optimised and the major search engines are crawling and indexing it then I will move on the most time consuming and on-going part of the strategy, the off-site SEO. This includes an link building strategy designed to earn links to your website from other relevant and respected websites and blogs in industries relevant or similar to yours. This is achieved by detailed competitor research and the creation and promotion of high quality content which will establish your company as an industry influencer and therefore one that others will want to link to and promote.


It’s one thing to increase the traffic to your website but if that traffic isn’t converting into paying customers then it’s not beneficial to you. That’s where analysis comes in. I will analysis your traffic and establish ways to improve the usability of the website based on what I find. When you take on an SEO campaign you will receive a detailed report on it’s progress each month, the entire process is completely transparent as we work together to achieve your goals.

For a free SEO Consultation Report detailing exactly what I can do for your website along with prices and packages get in touch today.