// Freelance PPC Consultant

Pay Per Click or PPC advertising through Google Adwords and Bing Ads can be a great way to generate immediate traffic to your website but if you don’t know what you’re doing it can easily become a serious drain on your finances. That’s why you should hire a professional PPC Consultant to set up, manage and constantly assess your PPC campaign.

If you are selling seasonal products or targeting a specific time of year such as Christmas, Summer etc. then PPC is a great way to get your website seen by the right people at exactly the right time.

If you already have a successful SEO strategy in place then PPC advertising can help you to dominate your market by covering all on-line bases and improving brand awareness.

You should not be paying an agency large sums of money each month to simply set up your PPC campaign and forget about it. As a freelance PPC Consultant I can dedicate my time to providing on-going support and feedback on your campaign, finding ways to reduce your costs and increase the success of your ads.

  • I Charge A Fixed Fee – Many PPC services will charge you a fee based on your monthly PPC budget which means that if they advise you to raise the budget you may feel that it is just to raise their fee. As we charge a fixed fee that will never change we will always strive to reduce your costs.
  • I Lower  Your Costs Per Click – Sometimes having your ad in first place on Google isn’t necessarily the best thing for your budget and costs per click. With constant assessment and engagement with you I ensure that you get the very best results for the lowest cost to you.
  • Constant Campaign Management – If there are keywords and Ad Groups that are not performing well I act quickly to remove them so they don’t waste your money and replace them with more effective keywords. Many PPC services will allow ineffective Ad Groups to go unnoticed which can ruin a PPC campaign.
  • Focus On Conversions & Quality Score – The most important part of any PPC campaign is increasing the conversions of visitors to the website into paying customers. Many PPC providers will focus on click through rates and impressions which are important but the vital part is ensuring that the campaign meets its purpose. I also focus on improving your Quality Score which determines how relevant your ads are to your target market. The higher the score, the less you pay for each click which will save you money and help you to drive much more traffic to your website.

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