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Freelance SEO Consultant

Pinnacle is the website for Northern Ireland based SEO Consultant Stuart Cooke. I create expert Digital Marketing strategies including bespoke SEO and PPC campaigns for businesses of all sizes. If you want to make your business goals and ambitions a reality then get in touch today and let's get creative.
Digital marketing drives relevant traffic to your website while making you an authority and thought leader within your industry. This is best achieved through a combination of engaging content, bespoke SEO, outreach and paid search.

Why Go With A Freelancer?

A freelancer can act as another member of your team at a fraction of the price. Plus you know you will always be dealing with me throughout every stage of the campaign.
The purpose of any SEO or PPC campaign I take on is to enable you to eventually take on the your website’s SEO yourself. That's why I am completely transparent throughout the entire process, sharing with you my strategy and providing advice on SEO/PPC and digital marketing in general.